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Figure Skating

Kids do like to start ice skating in a young age because it is an unique activity that looks fun.

Ice skating is a choreographed type of ice skating. One should have lots of skills in order to effectively perform this. It can be done in singles, partners or even with groups. The Technical Mark (also known as the First Mark) is perfect for required elements (within the Short Program) or technical merit (in the Long Program). It reflects the difficulty of the program, as well as the clean execution of all the spins footwork and jumps. The Winter Olympics are held every four years, just like the Summer Olympics. They have winter sports held on snow or ice for example ice skating, Ice Hockey, bobsledding and alpine skiing videos of figure skating. Choreographers have a huge role to play in serious skating, but until your kid is off and away to regionals, or more, this might be an excessive spend. Competitive skaters (instead of recreational ones) will often have their blades mounted by a specialist.

Axel - A jump in which skaters take off in the forward outside edge of the blade and land around the back outside fringe of the opposite foot. The axel is one of the very difficult jumps and also the only one that takes off from a forward position. Despite the fact that Cynthia Phaneuf was age-eligible to compete at the Senior World Championships, the Canadian Federation believed that it would be best to send her towards the Junior World Championships because she had had virtually no international experience.

Figure skates are extremely thick and heavy and have a toe pick attached for tricks. ice skates are made up of two parts, the boot and the blade.

Don't be discouraged by or worry about falling. Everybody who are around you has fallen and can fall again. It's part of the learning process and worrying about it will hinder your progress! Raising more curiosity about ice skating there is a jump called "Axel jump" which is popular to skating fans. This the reason why ice skating became so acquainted with Kim Yu-na and her rival Mao Asada. Asada's triple axel which Kim could not do at that time got the spotlight before the two players took part in the competition. On your very first time don't try to skate like the speed skaters in the Olympics, they've had training as well as their skates are different! I can skate beautifully. While performing on ice I usually try to please the crowd and to win too. Being artistic is essential to get the audience in your side, as for a competition you cannot win without strong technical content.

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